Polycarbonate Multiwall Panels and Systems - 10MM thickness C/W Aluminum or PC Profiles

10MM: Rigid and thermally insulated. Very good for medium-sized do-it-yourself projects and light commercial applications


Each kit comes with:

Required Sheets Cut to Size

Base, Cap and U Profiles

1 bag of 100pc Wood Screws

1 Roll of Vent Tape

1 Roll of Butyl Tape

L bracket End Caps





A cost-effective and simple-to-install product for use on a variety of outdoor glazing/cladding projects. Originally, this product line was only available to the commercial/architectural market but Plas-Tech is the first and only Canadian Company to package it in a complete and easy-to-understand system that will help you cover your project and let the natural light in - but keep the weather out.



Step 1: Choose your panel colour (Clear - Ice or Bronze)

CLEAR: Let's in 80% of the light. Great for growing plants or for applications where you want near full sunlight to come through.
BRONZE: Translucent bronze panels offer increased shading. Only 42% of the light comes through the sheet. Looks great with wood projects.
ICE: Translucent white panel offering a glow type of shading. Cuts down the amount of heat you feel under your structure.

 Step 2: Choose your profiles (joinery) system (Polycarbonate or Aluminum)

POLYCARBONATE PROFILES (COST-EFFECTIVE): Great for DIY projects. An easy snap system that locks in the sheet with a co-extruded gasket that helps seal your installation. This package includes; the sheets, polycarbonate snap profiles, aluminum u-profiles at the bottom of your slope (hides dirt and water staining) and polycarbonate at the top, breathable tape to seal the flutes, climaseal screws with rubber washers, butyl tape for mid-section purlins and packaging to get your installation to the sight free of damage.

ALUMINUM PROFILES: Commercial-grade system complete with neoprene gaskets to seal the installation. Comes in a grey-anodized finish. This package includes; the sheets, aluminum clamping profiles, aluminum u-profiles at the top and bottom of your slope (hides dirt and water staining), breathable tape to seal the flutes, pancake-head installation screws, butyl tape for mid-section purlins, and packaging to get your installation to the sight free of damage.


Step 3: Choose your project surface size that you are covering:

Our pricing is simple. No need to do take-offs - all we need to know is the dimensions of the area you are trying to cover. 



Easy to follow printable installation instructions for both polycarbonate and aluminum systems.

Plas-Tech downloadable brochure for the DIY - Polycarbonate Glazing Panels and System

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