DIY Build Your Own - 10MM GCP Base & Cap

Interconnecting Polycarbonate profiles connect sheets and cover structural connections and allow the covering of large areas, especially semi-transparent roofing, without obstructing the incoming light at the connecting points. The profiles do not add structural strength; they are flush with the sheet and can be bent at the minimal radius permitted by the sheet. Profiles are protected from UV damage by a special protective layer over external surfaces.

Product Features:

  • Unobstructed light through the sheet connections.
  • Excellent sealing properties in roofs and walls inclined over 10%
  • Light, flexible, inexpensive, and easy to install
  • Available in unlimited lengths
  • Available in Bronze, Opal, White and Clear colors

Designed for fast, convenient, easy, and safe implementation of architectural designs using Polygal Structural Panels.

Polygal Original Accessories are supplied together with Polygal structured sheets, so you can get right to work – no unnecessary delays while you wait for glazing system parts to arrive.

Polygal assumes that roofing contractors who purchase their products are knowledgeable and experienced in roofing installation and glazing systems. Improper use of accessories, which may lead to construction errors and possible legal consequences, shall be the responsibility of the installer and the various roofing contractors involved.

Brands include: Polygal

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